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Top Benefit Examples of Retail Geofencing
September 21, 2021 at 9:30 PM
Image of a neon-lit city street surrounded by building showing geotargeted retail examples of advertising can reach visitors in a mall with targeted advertising.

As technology advances, so do opportunities for reaching potential customers. Online advertising doesn’t always seem beneficial when you operate a brick-and-mortar retail establishment. Hyperlocal geofencing allows you to reach potential customers through their devices to achieve a variety of goals. New businesses can spread brand awareness to people who live and work in the neighborhood. Established brands can connect with untapped markets to grow their audience. With hyperlocal advertising, it’s even possible to reach customers while they’re shopping at your competitors, ensuring they see your advertising before they commit to a purchase. Here are more examples of retail geofencing benefits to transform your next advertising campaign.

Improve your return on ad spend.

Geofencing is all about targeted ads. You’re able to reach people who are close by and likely to shop at your store. Traditional ad campaigns that reach a broad audience are essentially wasted on people who don’t live, work, or shop in your area.

With retail geofencing, you’re reaching customers more likely to shop in your store, improving your ROAS.

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Learn more about the shopping habits of your customers.

While it’s not the most glamorous part of owning a small business, getting data about your customer’s shopping habits can improve your business in multiple ways. You can better understand the peak shopping hours in your area and staff accordingly. Plus, you’ll get a feel for advertising that gets a better response during different times of the month or year. And you’ll gain insight into when customers spend versus opportune times to hold sales.

Reach customers who opt-out of tracking with target ads.

Apple’s latest update allows users to opt-out of tracking by apps. As digital privacy becomes a more significant concern, retail geofencing is an example of reaching potential customers without relying on unique user data. Instead, contextual targeting allows you to advertise to your ideal audience using their approximate location. Your advertising budget still goes further, regardless of the settings on your customer’s devices.

Retail geofencing is an example of adapting to changing user preferences while staying competitive.

Personalize your shopping experiences to build brand loyalty.

Everyone is looking for a more personalized shopping experience from brick-and-mortar retail locations. Knowing where your ads will appear to customers enables you to tailor your messaging––and branding––to the customers, you’ll reach. One of the biggest downsides of traditional ad campaigns is the expense of showing ads to people who aren’t receptive.

Hyperlocal advertising lets you develop precision campaigns with a specific market in mind. Understanding your customers also enables you to curate their experience in your retail establishment to create lasting brand loyalty.

Gain an edge over the competition.

By using hyperlocal marketing, it’s possible to reach potential customers even when they’re shopping at your competitors. You can target nearby establishments to ensure customers see your promotions, sales, and offerings before purchasing from your competitors.

Geotargeted retail marketing exemplifies how making your next ad campaign smaller can improve your ROAS, customize shopping experiences, and help your retail store thrive in an e-commerce world.

Work with GeoReach to incorporate these geofencing examples for retail into your next ad campaign.

Our team comes from diverse backgrounds in telecommunications, internet technology, and digital marketing. This expertise combined enables us to provide competitive, insightful, targeted marketing that delivers an exceptional return on investment to our customers. We use a data-driven approach to helping our customers achieve their goals, whether improved brand recognition, loyalty, conversions, or sales.

This post highlights just a few of the examples of retail geofencing benefits. When you schedule a consultation, our experts will discuss how hyperlocal marketing can benefit your retail brand in particular. You can get more from your marketing when you work with GeoReach.